Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps – REPAIR SERVICE

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps – REPAIR SERVICE

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Agilent Varian

Elmo Rietschle

PTB has been offering vacuum pump repair service for rotary vane vacuum pumps for almost two decades. We have factory trained technicians utilizing state of the art documentation, parts/kits and procedures. All PTB rebuilt vacuum pumps are tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications for new vacuum pumps.
PTB Sales will perform the following:
Receipt and Inspection

  • Complete decontamination of internal and external parts
  • Hazardous materials disposed in accordance with environmental regulations

All parts are inspected and cleaned

  • High pressure parts washer
  • Corncobb blaster
  • Glass blaster

Parts are dimensionally evaluated and the motor tested

  • Stone all plates and rotor
  • Replace shaft seals
  • Replace O-rings
  • Replace vanes
  • Replace valves
  • Install new gaskets

Final Test

  • Overnight burn in test
  • Verify ultimate pressure and current
  • Verify no leaks
  • Verify ABS operation

Packaging and Shipping

  • Paint pump
  • Apply all safety and startup labels
  • Test reported completed
  • QC report created
  • Package pump and ship

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