Troubleshooting and repairing vacuum pumps

Troubleshooting and repairing vacuum pumps



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It is not difficult to be a good serviceman for your vacuum pump. Learning pump service helps you improve your production process. The types of pumps, their general specifications and applications were explained. We will look at the possible problems that a vacuum pump may have and how to repair a vacuum pump.

What can we do to prevent the vacuum pump from malfunctioning?

Periodic service is essential to prevent the vacuum pump from malfunctioning.

We point out the periodic services required for a vacuum pump below:

Changing the oil of vacuum pump

Under normal conditions, it is necessary to change the oil of the device every 700 hours of operation. The oil must be specific to vacuum pumps. Using various brands will cause damages to the vacuum pump.

Oil filter

The filters in vacuum pumps have various functions, such as filtering the particles inside the pump.

Dust filter

This filter is to capture particles in the environment. Depending on the amount of environmental pollution in which the device is operating, the dust filter should be replaced.

The average useful life of dust filters is every 500 hours of operation.

Separator filters

Separator filters have two important functions:

1- Clean pump air outlet

2- Air-oil separator

Separator filters need to be replaced every 3000 operating hours on average. One of the signs of a defective filter is the smoke of the device. By observing the above, your device will have the highest efficiency and naturally any delay in the service will cause defects.

Here are some possible defects.

The vacuum pump has less suction and is so-called “weakened”, what to do?

1. To repair a vacuum pump with this problem, the first answer for this case, it is recommended to check the piping route and connections. Be aware of potential holes and leaks and fix them.

2. in the next step for measure the vacuum of the pump, take a vacuum test at the inlet.

If the display number is significantly different from the number defined on the device, proceed as follows:

In oil vacuum pumps clean the dust filter and inlet of the pump and check the pump oil in terms of quality and quantity.

In circulating water vacuum pumps, check the pump inlet for clogging, also check the water quality and if it’s cool or not and the amount of inlet water.

If after performing the above works, the vacuum pump defect is not fixed:

Reasons such as:

• Defective blades

• Exiting the rotor from the stator filler

In these cases, it is better to contact your pump service provider and raise the issue so that specialists can repair and troubleshoot professionally.

The oil vacuum pump smokes. What is the problem?

In oil vacuum pumps, due to the high heat and high wear in the stator, oil is used as a lubricant and coolant, which causes smoke in the pump.

1. There are filters in the outlet that removes smoke from the outlet.

2. Another cause of smoke in the oil vacuum pumps is the use of poor quality oils, overheating the pump is another point that can lead to smoke.

3. Depreciation of internal pump parts is also one of the causes of smoke.

Repair and service of various types of vacuum pumps in a completely specialized way

asia vacuum is one of the innovators of this industry with more than five thousand customers and specialized teams in designing, manufacturing and repairing industrial machines.

Utilizing the latest technology and advanced industrial equipment, it has overcome many obstacles in the construction, repair and support of the vacuum industry and has localized them.

• Manufacturing and modification of rotor, cylinder, cylinder head, blade and…

• Procurement and supply of consumable parts such as o-rings, felt bowls, mechanical seals, various oils and….

• Structural changes, according to the manufacturer’s standards including changes in flow, in the pump, capacity, etc.

Repairs of vacuum pumps and blowers of world famous brands

asia vacuum specialists can repair and service all types of old and up-to-date pumps of different brands in the world which can be mentioned among the following brands:

• Edwards

• Oerlikon

• Pfeiffer

• Adixen

• Aerzen

• Varian

• Robuschi

• Becker

• Alcatel

• Nash

• Simens

• Sterling

• Sihi

• Dekker

• Welch

• Dresser

And …

Some types of vacuum pumps can be repaired

Repair and reconstruction of all types of water ring compressor pumps

Repair and reconstruction of various types of vacuum pump packages

Repair and reconstruction of various types of oil pump vacuums

Repair and reconstruction of various types of graphite blade dry vacuum pumps

Repair and reconstruction of Iranian and foreign water ring vacuum pumps

Repair and reconstruction of various types of vacuum diffusion pumps

Repair and reconstruction of various types of turbo-molecular vacuum pumps

Repair and reconstruction of various types of vacuum claw pumps

Repair and reconstruction of vacuum boosters

Repair and reconstruction of all types of oil vacuum packages

Repair and reconstruction of vacuum ejector pumps

Repair and reconstruction of various types of impellers

Repair and reconstruction of rotor

Repair and reconstruction of oily and dry vacuum blade and water.

You can contact

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