Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump Repair

Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump Repair

Our standard repair and overhaul service includes:

  • Visual external inspection of pump for damage
  • Pump stripped and visual inspection of all internal components for any wear/damage
  • Inspect and clean the inlet filter
  • Clean oil sight glasses
  • Replace oil mist filter elements in the mist filter (if mounted)
  • Strip and clean pump interior
  • Replace all O-rings, seals and gaskets
  • Inspect and clean gas ballast mechanism
  • Inspect and clean oil return assembly
  • Replacement of the vacuum blades (if required)
  • Replace oil
  • Pump re-sprayed
  • Vibration and temperature levels checked
  • Pump tested to original OEM new specifications
  • A full inspection report with pictures & final test report emailed to customer
  • 12 month warranty

Major Overhaul and Repairs are available.

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